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Here's Something You Need To Know

We Are Content Where Our Business Is. Comparsion Doesn’t Live In This Business. We Don’t Care To Be In The Land Of ER Or EST. We Run This Business With Purpose In Every Decision We Make. We Are Not The Biggest Or The Most Profitable, We Lead With Integrity, Creating Value, Treating Our Supports Well. We Would Love To Be As Generous As Other Business But We Dont Have That Type Of Income To Do So. We Are Faithful And Generous For What We Have. We Are Not Looking For Approval From Others Or Our Critics 🖤
Be Mary While You Flo Is Family Owned In California ❤️
My Great Grandma Is Mary She Was Young Soul In Old Lady Body That Preferred Wine Or Water. Grandma Flo Which Is Mary’s Daughter Was Old Soul Trapped In A Young Girl Body Who Would Prefer Chamomile Tea Over Wine Also Would Allow You To Come Inside Her Home Without Even Knowing Nothing About You & Care For You. Share With You Even Though She Didnt Have Enough For Her Own Family. They Held Our Family Together. Mary Was The Map And Flo Was Our Driver. They Both Passed Away And This Family Has Never Been The Same. I’m Hoping To Change That ♥️
Insurance : All Packages That Are PFRE - LFRB Come With $100 Insurance Expect First Class Packages.
Shipping : Once Your Order Is Scanned Through USPS We Are No Longer Able To Assist (Besides Claims). You Will Have To Contact Your Local Post Office Or Customer Service. Thank You For Understanding 💕
⚠️ Prices For Priority Will Go Up 40 Cent October 17th - December 27th
1 Yard : $6
2 Yards : $8.40
3-5 Yards : $15.05
6-10 Yards : $21.10
11-25 Yards : $35
26-45 Yards : Goes By Weight/Zipcode Through Fedex
Lets Talk Combined Shipping
Box On The Left Is Over Packed & We Will Not Pack Like That. I Understand Your Other Fabric Suppliers Can Fit 8 Yards In A MFRB & 13 Yards In A LFRB. Box On The Right Is How We Will Pack, Where There Is No Bulging Or Changing The Boxes Shape. Mind You Some Fabrics Are Thicker & Thinner So We May Be Able To Fit More Or Less. We Will Excess That As We Print Labels For Packaging. Refund Overages. (Picture 6)
⭐️ We Will Only Allow Combine Shipping If Your Orders Are Within The 1st 60 Minutes Time Frame During Release Or If You Ordered Randomly But Decided To Go Back & Get More Or If We Catch It Before We Print Labels No Matter How Far Apart Your Orders Are.
Can’t Stress This Enough We Aren’t Responsible Once USPS Accepts The Package. By All Means You Received Package & It’s Damaged Please Keep The Box So We Can Put In A Claim For You Without That You Automatically Lose Money & We Will Not Replace It. All Priority Mail Only Cover Up To $100 If You Need Extra Insurance Please Add It To Your Cart.
ATTENTION. Here Is How Our Process Works. (Picture 1)
We Will Have The Order Number, Number Of Yards, One Person Will Cross Compare To Make Sure These Are The Right Prints & Sign, One Person Will Pack It Into The Box/Package & Signed And Last I Will Seal It To Be Shipped & Sign. This Will Be Part Of Our Inventory & A Picture Will Be Included.
If You Are Missing Anything We Will Put In A Claim With USPS (If The Inventory On The Site And Shelves Are Matching Up) & We Offer Route On The Side I Consider It If You Have A First Class Package Or Something Worth More Than A $100. This Has Already Been In The Works. I’m Not Saying It Cant Happen This Is To Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen Often Or At All.
Returning : You Have 3 - 5 Consecutive Days After Delivery To Email Us With Your Order Numbers With Pictures Of Your Order With Any Flaws Or Missing Yardage We Will Check Inventory To See If There Was A Misplacement Or Shortage. Fabric Can Not Be Returned (Especially Customs) At All Unless It Is The Wrong Fabric Or You Don’t Like The Quality (Not Scaling) Once It Is Back To Us You Will Be Refunded For Yardage. Now If There Is A Digital Printing Issue We Can Discuss On How To Fix It Or If Messing Up The Appearance Of The Fabric (Not Scaling). If You Are Out Of Our Time Frame We Can Provide A Different Solution To Help You Out. 
Accidentally Ordered Something. Let Us Know. To Be Aware There Is A 15% Fee For Restocking (On The Price You Paid). Refund Timeframe Depends On What You Paid Once It Is Issue We Cant No Longer Track When You Will Receive It. To Be Safe We Will Go With 2-7 Days. Shipping With Take Up To 30 Days To Get Refunded. Cancellation Fee For Pre-Order Is 15%. This will be issued the day you request it.
⭐️ PayPal Is Available Only Thing Is You Need To Confirm That You Received Your Fabric. (Picture 7)
1. Log In To Your Account
2. Click Activity.
3. Find & Click The Original Payment For This Item
4. Click Confirm Receipt.
5. Click Yes To Confirmed You Received Your Order.
‼️‼️ Customs ‼️‼️(Picture 2)
When You Send Your File To Us Please Included
Order # & Scale In The Text And Also Rename Your File.
Please Thank You 💕 This Is So We Are Double Checking That The Scale You Choose Is The Scale You Want.
“We Are Not Responsible For The Scaling You Select, And We Cannot Accept Returns On Customs Due To Your Mistake In Scaling. Please Read This Additional Information Provide By The Owner Of Spitfire Designs Below To Help You Figure Out Your Scaling Needs In The Future.” Also Get With Your Seamless Creator And Ask Them What Is The Appropriate Scale For Your Product, You Are Creating”
Designers On This Site. Please Do Not Alter Her Technical Article Any Way That Is Consider PLAGIARISM.
Let’s Talk SCALING (Picture 3)
This Base Is DBP. Top One Is Scaled At 10x10, Florals Are About 3 Inches & Bottom Is Scaled At 5x5, Florals Are About An Inches.
Scaling Depends On The Graphic Most Say 3x3 For Bows 6x6 For Bummies And Clothing. WRONG As You Can See In This Photo Is Opposite. Please Get With Your Designer To Find Out What The Design Was Made At And What Is The Best Scaling For Your Product.
‼️‼️ WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SCALING ‼️‼️ We Will Help You Try To Figure It Out.
Ready To Ship Fabric Will Be Shipped In 1-5 Business Days
🚨 Most Of Our Prints Come From Clipart & Shuttershock So It’s Possible To Have Some Of Same Prints As Other Groups. We Can’t Stop It & Nor Are We Taking/Copying Their Prints You Have To Buy The Seamless To Print It 🚨
Fabric Looking Good Through The Plastic Okay. We Will Be Adding The Plastic Bags To The Site For $.30 Each. This Way You Can Choose To Protect Your Fabric From The Upcoming Months And Raining & Snowy Day Or Just To Protected It From The Mailing System. If We Did This For Free We Will Have Raise Our Prices To Add In The Cost & We Dont Want To Do That. So We Are Leaving It Up To You To Decide 💕. Example I Have 3 Fabrics & Want All Of Them In A Bag I Will At 3 Bags To My Cart. Caution Warning. (Picture 4)
This Needs To Be Said Because We Dont Want To Received Emails That Their Bases Dont Show The Same Brightness & They Want A Refund. Cotton Lycra (Very Bottom) Just Know That Cotton Intakes Color Very Well That It Will Be Brighter Than Our DBP (Top) & Our Bullet (Middle). By The Way Our Cotton Lycra Is 280 GSM & DBP Is 250 GSM 😋. (Picture 5)

It Is An Honor For You To Support Us And We Love To Support You ❤️