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Where did it all begin?

Defining Be Mary While You Flo

We are located in California. If you don’t know who Flo is do you really know WYF? And if you don’t know Mary do you really know BM? Our business name is named after our Great Grandma Mary and Grandma Flo. Our old logo used to be a cup of tea and a glass of wine because Mary was a young girl trapped in an old lady body and would prefer wine over water. She was hip and knew everything about life you would have thought she has been here twice. This is where our empowerment comes in. Flo is Mary’s Daughter. She was a old soul trapped in a young girl body. She would care for anyone and allow you into her home with open arms and not even know your name & build you more than she can build herself. This is a reason we are community over competition. They hold our family together Mary is the map and Flo is our driver. This family has suffered tremendously by losing them and we want to change that and allow them to live through us.

That is why I run Be Mary While You Flo the way I do. I am content where my business is. Comparison does not live in this business. I do not care to be in the land of ER or EST. I run this business with purpose in every decision I make. I am not the biggest or the most profitable, I lead with integrity, creating value, treating my supports well. I would love to be as generous as other, I do not have that type of income to do so. I am faithful and generous for what I have. I am not looking for approval from others or my critics 🤎